Easter 2008

Easter this year started with French Toast and Strawberries. Mommy put the
girls their Easter dresses and Aunt Winnie sent some hair clips that they loved.
They had a little Easter egg hunt in the house as it was still a little cold outside.


I smell chocolate!

Gimee gimmee gimmee!


The joint strike force worked for Christmas. Let's try it again.

Must have chocolate!

Mommy to the rescue.


Wrapper? What wrapper?

If this is breakfast, what's for lunch?

I like this Easter thing.

This is what I got when I said "smile."

This is Charlotte telling me I should be happy with what I get.

On with the egg hunt!

Woo hoo! I can buy that new designer bubble machine!

Um, aren't these supposed to be full of cash?

These are great but where's the money?

Ahh, a green one. This one must have some money in it.

Great. A basket full of hollow Easter eggs. Way to go, cheapo Easter bunny.

"I say we hold our breath until they fork over the money." "Forget that,
I'm just gonna pee."

Sigh....Maybe I can hock this basket.

Basket $2.....Basket $2......


Charlotte gas baggin' with Gramma Pat.

So much for Easter 2008....Coming soon...It's birthday number 2!

Lastly, here are a few random pictures of the girls getting into
mommy's closet and some other pictures.

Daddy's favorite picture.

Charlotte with one arm out of her shirt.

And Charlotte feeding her best friend.

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