What you're about to witness is creepy. I mean,
like really, really creepy. You have been warned!


Halloween at the Kelbaughs was a lot of fun this year. I warned everyone

that I was going to throw it down and go to town on the
front yard. 2009 was the year that happened and all it did was
prime the pump for next year. I can't wait until 2010. I started buying stuff for the yard
shortly after Halloween 2008 and stashed it in the garage until October 1st, 2009.
Then, the Halloween bomb went off and our yard transformed into the coolest
yard in the entire neighborhood. We had a record number of trick or treaters.
So many that we ran out of candy and had to steal from the girls candy bags.
(We replaced it.)

There are two videos. One of our yard, and a
another of collage of events on 10/31/09.


This is a video of our front yard.
View with caution!

(Click Below for Video)
Kelbaugh Front Yard 2009
(Give it a little time to load.)

This is a video of gramma playing with the girls, the
girls trick or treating and Halloween morning.
It's a large file so
please give it time to load.
(Click below for video.)

Halloween Collage

Ok, on with the pictures. There are a hodge podge of different
pictures here. Halloween mostly and some other stuff
including some pictures of Thanksgiving with my Father and Tamara.

Here we go!

Helping Gramma make Halloween cookies.

"Ok, when do we eat these?"

Finally! COOKIES!
Notice where they're looking.

There were a few costume changes.
They went to a friends party, then one at Daddy's work,
then finally off to trick or treating. This happened over
the course of a few days, I think. Hell, I can't remember
where I parked my car let alone what happened a
month ago. Give me a break.

Charlotte was not diggin' the pirate thing. The party at their friends was pirate themed.

Finally got a smile out of her. Grumpy Gus.

These are from a Halloween party at Daddy's work.
(The haze is from the smoke machine.)

Catherine didn't like the scary music.

Super Daddy to the rescue!

These are pictures of our yard. I think only the men will truly appreciate this.
You must watch the video to truly recognize it's awesomeness.

Time for some trick or treatin'.


This is one of my favorites.

Help! HELP! We're being kidnapped by this strange lady in a witch costume!
Or.......is it a costume???

Here she is again...She mentioned something about making stew out of us....help....

SCORE! M&M's..and pizza...and a Tootsie Pop....

Daddy's Halloween merriment.

Well that's about it for Halloween 2009. 2010 will be much scarier and creepier.
I've already started buying more crap for our yard. Wooo hoo!

But wait, there's more. Below are some random pictures including
a few from Thanksgiving.

I really like this one.

Behold the results of months of gymnastic classes. I'm so proud.

Daddy and Pea Paw take the girls out for flapjacks.

Girls waiting patiently for Thanksgiving dinner.

"Weren't we supposed to eat like 9 hours ago?"

Looks like Teddy Grams for dinner again.

Anythings better than last years....

Daddy and Pea Paw recognize this scene.
It means we don't eat for another 9 hours.


We found out that Catherine really, REALLY loves cranberries. I think she
had five helpings and just about licked the serving dish clean.

The following is a great series of shots. Pee Paw was sitting on the couch.
Catherine crawled up next to him and laid on her belly. She likes her back
scratched. Pee Paw scratched her back for a few minutes and
she fell asleep in that position until we moved her.

And lastly, a few pictures of the girls checking out the front yard,
this time with Christmas decor.

Merry Christmas to all. Hope you enjoyed the update.
I should have some Christmas pictures posted sometime
before Easter..sorry this took so long.

Daddy, signing off!