Summer is over!

Today is the last day of Summer. And what a summer it was.
Though not officially fall,there's a crispness in the air and the
leaves are starting to turn. This, of course, is all an assumption on
my part as the crispness that I refer to was a balmy 95 degrees
here in Texas today and the Live Oak leaves don't turn colors.
But, I can dream about my favorite time of year in the Evergreen State.

This summer was a tough one in Texas. 70 days of 100+ degree weather (a record).
Less than one inch of rain in 6 months, compounded by a record drought
from the previous year. Our local lake, Lake Travis, was
down 70% of it's average annual capacity.


(Lake Travis - The island in the center is normally submerged.)

Farmers losing crops, livestock and livelihood due to no water.
And to top it off, Gee Dubya moves back to Texas.
Well we can be thankful that we still have great BBQ. Thankyouverymuch.

Ok, we did manage to have some fun this summer. After the catastrophic
dumb, dumb, dumb daddy don't leave your camera in the LA taxi you
big dummy, event earlier in the summer, I'm hoping to redeem
myself with a decent update now.

Auntie Shannon, Cousin Chris and Cousin Lilly came to visit this summer.
That was a hoot. We all went to the Ringling Bros. Barnum &
Baily Circus. Gramma Pat visited and so did Auntie Gena. We also
went to our very first movie in a real live movie theater. That was fun. Popcorn and
Gummi Bears and licorice, oh my. Last but not least was Seaworld. We
took a long weekend and went to Seaworld, San Antonio. We had a great time.
It was like our first "Griswald" family vacation. Daddy couldn't understand, however,
how all those whales, dolphins, alligators and sharks made their way
all the way from the ocean to Central Texas. Must have been a tornado.
So anyway, sit back and enjoy the Kelbaugh Summer 2009.

This is the only picture I believe of all four of us together. I think it turned out great!

Mommy and Charlotte messing around.

Sadie (under the table) is the designated toe licker.

"Toe licker. Toe licker."

"Let's see what mommy and daddy will do if we start
at the top and roll down."

Daddy loves some squeezes.

Modeling the latest in Austin swim wear.

"If I smile and make a happy face can I have a cookie?"

Auntie Shannon, Cousin Chris and Cousin Lilly Come to Visit

"When they least expect it, I'll POUNCE in my Joker makeup and scare the holy crud outta them.
I think the big guy in the glasses is sleeping."

Ring around the rosie...

Ohhhh yeeeaaaah. Pizza and movies! Now THIS is what I'm talkin' about.

Some pictures don't need captions to peg the cuteness meter.

"Mommy, why must I share my cookies?"

Wahooooo. Off to the circus!

Clown auditions to the left.

"I don't care about clowns. I want candy."

Let's get this show on the road. BRING ON SOME MONKEYS!

You'll have to settle for elephants.

And some motorcycle guys.

And lots of lights and smoke and stuff.

Ok, enough with the elephants.

Ok, we get it.....elephants.

Circus, check. Too much candy, check. $823.89 worth of every
silly circus souvenir, check. Daddy taking another job as an elephant
sanitation engineer, check.

Take me to your leader.

Must have all earth cookies.

These are just some random shots I thought I'd throw on
because I'm Daddy and I can.

Gramma Pat in da House

"Wuuu hooo. We get treats, and mommy gets to nap!"
(Daddy gets to work.)

We'll start by lounging the morning away with The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
(Come inside it's fun inside.)

Then a quick dip.

Just before this picture Charlotte got bit by something just to the left of her nose.
You'll see in subsequent pictures that the left side of her face was swollen.
This used to happen to me when I was a kid so, I called the nurse
and they told us what to do. It went down after a few days.

Time for....COOKIES!!!! (What happened to the other 3 dozen?)

"Gramma does this stuff have to be cooked before you can eat it?"

Our first movie at a real movie theater. (Madagascar 2 I believe.)


Charlotte getting the paper with Sadie.

Just being cute. It takes skills to be this adorable.

This was just a Sunday at the park with Daddy.

Oh boy. The fun stuff! Last weekend we went to Seaworld San Antonio. Though
the girls were initially more excited about staying in a hotel, we finally convinced
them that there was candy and popcorn at Seaworld.

We really had a fun time.

On our way South to San Antonio (about an hour and a half.)

Movie star! (or so they call it when they wear sunglasses.)

First thing we did after we checked into the hotel...why EAT of course.

"How long does it take em to throw a corn dog in a vat of lard for Pete's sake?"

"Maybe they'll treat a MOVIE STAR with a little better service!"

Then off for a stroll around the hotel.

Catherine cooling off the dogs.

Just us girls.

Ride 'em cowgirls!

"Did someone say cookies?"

This hotel had a lazy river the went completely around the complex.

That's it. Run, run, run so you'll sleep, sleep, sleep.

The next morning was Seaworld time!

We started with the sharks!

" I come all this way and all ya got is Nemo?"

"Ahhh...NOW you're talkin'!"

"Here, fishy, fishy, fishy. I've got a tasty sister over here for ya."

"Yup, yup. Over this way...."

Catherine: "Charlotte the sign says, Please pet the shark."

"DRATS! She didn't fall for it."

"I think I dropped my gum in there."

"All this shark watching is exhausting. Where are the alligators?"


"Mommy, mommy, there's my ball. Can Charlotte go get it for me?"

Lunch time!


Off to the penguins.

"Ok, I'll do whatever I have to get some lunch."

Bring on some SHAMU!

This was actually pretty amazing.

You think the girls are getting a little tired? It's been a long day.

Not too tired for a ride!

Ok back to the hotel for a little bubble time.

Gotta get that Shamu off of us.

In summary, we had a great time. I'm off to Japan tomorrow and I wanted to get this done before I left.
Next update will be coming just after HALLOWEEN. Be prepared for some really scary stuff.
This year, I've got 10 huge Halloween inflatables going up in our yard.
They may ask us to move.

Daddy signing out.