May 10th Update

It's  been nearly a week since Catherine and Charlotte came home. Boy what a week. Grandma Marilyn and
Grandpa Charlie finally arrived from their trek across the country and have been a wonderful help.

We're calling this  update "The Spaces That Were." What used to be Erin and Michael's home, is now Babyland USA.

The Spaces That Were

This used to be our living room. Now it's the Baby Rest, Relaxation and Welfare Facility.
It doubles as the Baby Accessory Manufacturing and Assembly Line.

This used to be our bathroom. Now it's the Baby Bottle Preparation, Sanitation and Cleansing Station.
It also doubles and the  Baby Nourishment Distillery and Distribution Facility.

This used to be our bedroom. Now, its the Infant Nocturnal Slumber and Diaper Replacement Ward.
It also doubles as the Parental Unit Sleep Deprivation Stress Testing Facility.

This is our Field Operations Guide and Instruction Manual.

Catherine during Field Operations.

Charlotte during KP.

Charlotte and Gramma Marilyn

And last but not least................Henry.

And finally, we bid our long time family member Cato farewell after 13 years. He was the topic of many conversation
and, although it's hard to say he was a good cat, he was our cat and we'll miss him.

May 4th Update
They're  Home !
We spent the night at the hospital last night and were very pleased to find that we could take both girls home this morning.
They're now resting peacefully (for the time being) in their own home in their own beds. Now for the onslaught of doctors appointments.

Coming home.

You can see just how excited they are to leave....zzzzzz.zzzzzz.zzzzzzz

Erin bringing Charlotte in.

Michael with Catherine

First time together since birth.

Home sweet home.

May 3rd Update

Unfortunately, we still don't know exactly when the girls are coming home. So, as of today  it seems  they both
may be coming home tomorrow. But, we'll see. We're spending the night at the hospital tonight in hopes of bringing
 at least one home tomorrow. In the mean time, here are some more pictures. They'll be one month old on Friday.

The Girls

Lunch Time

Happy Catherine

Uncle Nick says..."Eat your vegetables."

Nice duck.

April 27th Update

Unfortunately, no one has made it home as of yet. Both girls are having little spells of apnea, which is keeping them from coming home.
Currently, at least Catherine should be home next Friday, May 5th.  Both girls are eating very well and gaining weight. They're both
healthy and happy and making positive progress. We're very excited to get them home as soon as possible.

Here are some more pictures and a movie.

I dare you to tell me this isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen!
(The above is a movie file. It takes awhile to load.)

Catherine Eating.....again.

Catherine Sleeping....again.

And guess what....more sleeping.

Hey look at this...More sleeping! (This is Charlotte though.)

April 20th Update

A couple things;  I'm starting to put the newer updates/pictures at the top of the page so you won't need to scroll down to see if there are new updates.
If you look above, just under the "Guest Book" icon you'll see a date which notes the last update for your reference. It's as easy as that.

On to the news. Catherine is coming home this Sunday the 23rd. Both parents are to spend the night with her alone in the hospital the night prior to
make sure they know how to handle all the baby stuff. Charlotte is still a little on the small side and will remain in the hospital for awhile.

Catherine with no breathing, food or IV assistance.

Charlotte being a grump....

Followed by a little smile........

Followed by a nap.


News Flash:

Tests Confirmed Kelbaugh Twins Not Identical!
Tests also confirm cutest babies in the world.
(I may be stretching the test results a bit.)

April 5th 2006 (Birthday)

Mommy and Charlotte Elizabeth Kelbaugh

Erin and Charlotte

Mommy and Catherine Anne Kelbaugh

Mommy and Katherine

Charlotte Elizabeth Kelbaugh

Charlotte Elizabeth Kelbaugh

Catherine Anne Kelbaugh

Catherine Anne Kelbaugh

Mom and Dad

Mom & Dad

Erin touching Charlotte for the first time since birth.

Charlotte's First Touch

Erin touching Catherine for the first time since birth.

Catherine's First Touch

These movie files take some time to load so be patient. They were taken just a few hours after birth.

Movie of Catherine about two hours old.

Movie of Charlotte about two hours old.

April 7th Update

New Movies

Catherine and Mommy

Charlotte and Mommy

Mommy Holding Catherine

Sweet Little Charlotte




Mommy and Catherine

Mommy and Catherine

Charlotte's Foot

Charlotte's Foot

Sleepy Catherine

Sleepy Catherine

Catherine really snoozin'


Mommy and Charlotte

Mommy and Charlotte





April 8th Update

Today was relatively uneventful, which was good. Charlotte got many of the breathing tubes removed and we got to hold her for the first time.

Charlotte Day 3

Charlotte Day 3

And just so Catherine doesn't get jealous, here's one of her taken today.
Catherine Day 3

April 9th Update

Erin came home from the hospital today.

Daddy holding Catherine

Daddy and Catherine

Let's not forget our eldest daughter.


April 10th Update

Charlotte got most of the tubes removed from her face, with no breathing assistance needed. It really gave us a great chance to see what she looked like.
They also removed the light that was helping her with her jaundice. We're still awaiting test results to see if they're identical.
However, with everything removed from their faces now, I can tell they're not. They definitely have a different profile 
and Charlotte's hair is brown while Catherine's is much darker, almost black.


Many have asked to see their surroundings. This is Catherine in the "Bubble" on the left and Charlotte in the bed in the right foreground.
This area is called NICU or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. This is their home for the next 3-4 weeks. Catherine will be moving out of the
bubble  tomorrow and Charlotte will be moving in.




Catherine in the Bubble

Bubble Girl

Another movie. This is Charlotte without all the breathing assistance.

Charlotte Tube Free !

April 12th Update

Let's start today with a movie of Charlotte yawning.

Big Yawn

Since Charlotte had been so covered with tubes and monitoring wires, we tried spending some time
with her since we really haven't been able to hold her much until tonight.



Mommy and Charlotte

Mommy changing Catherine for the first time.

Charlotte strikes a pose.

Mommy with Charlotte

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