May 10th Update

Well, we made it through year # 1. We're still amazed that a year has gone by
already. The girls had their first birthday on April 5th and we celebrated with family
by taking them back to Washington. We had an enjoyable time with family but
it took a lot out of us. The plane trip home was enough to not want to
travel again until they're at least in their 20's.

Both Catherine and Charlotte enjoyed lots and lots of cake and got to see some
family for the first time. They had parties at both grannies for two full days.

We also spent Easter in Washington and enjoyed experiencing the holiday with
the family and friends, and watching the girls on their first Easter.

Thank you to all family and friends for all the wonderful
gifts and memories. It was a very special trip which we really enjoyed.

This update also has a lot of random shots since it's been so long
since we've had an update.


Ok, enough with the cake. Here are some other random acts of cuteness
at their birthday parties.

Gramps and Great Gramps.

Catherine and Cousin Patty

Catherine and Grandma Tamara

And the clean up.

Fun time with Cousin Lillie.

We called this the Grumpy Box for obvious reasons.

We really enjoyed taking them to Nintendo for a short visit. Both
Mommy and Daddy were very glad they were on good behavior

Mariners fans!

Smiles everyone!

Look who's hoggin' all the snacks?

Little miss daisy.

Loungin' it up at the mall.

Lastly, Daddy took the girls for a Sunday stroll when they got home while Mommy napped.

Graphics by coolbabygraphics.com.