September 16th Update

Let's start this update off with a few videos!
(These are of Charlotte. I'll get some more added of Catherine soon.)


Summer time at the Kelbaugh's has been uneventful, which is good. The girls
are walking, no bouncing all over the place. They've got teeth and they're starting
to say a few words, or so mommy says.So far, everything sounds like "uck" to daddy.
Mommy says, "Say cat for daddy.."Uck"..."Say doggie for daddy..."Uck"..
"Say bye bye to daddy...."Uck."

Here are some general pictures of the girls doing what they do best, keeping mommy busy.


The girls do love to lounge pool-side.

They were recently invited to their friend Ava's 2nd birthday where
they got their faces painted and played with clowns.

A day in the life.

Marvelous...Cruising the Tiffany catalog already.

The M's can use any help they can get.

That's all for now. Halloween 2007 pics coming soon.

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