It's Summertime!

Lots of stuff has happened since the last update. The girls
had their second birthday. Grampa (Pea Paw) Mike, Nana Tamara,
Grampa Charley, Gramma Marilyn, Uncle Nick, Aunt Jeannette
and cousin Cristina all came to visit. And, Mother's Day of course.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the cool, cool images of Summertime.

Let's start with Daddy's favorite picture this time.

No wait, this one's better.

Charlotte Catching some Rays

Catherine Ready for her Close Up

Catherine doing just what the other does.

Mother's Day

We spent Mother's day lounging around and
doing a whole lot of nuthin'. Just what
Mommy wanted.

Sharks got Catherine's Toe

Mop Topped Charlotte

Catherine Preparing for her role on the
New Gilligan's Island.

Daddy had just returned from Japan
the night before with shiny new T-shirts.

Girls in the pool on Mother's Day.
(Large file. Takes time to load.)


Birthday #2 included cake, presents, Gramma and
Grampa Treanor and all sorts of fun!

"Blow on that stupid thing so we can get
this cute stuff over and on to the cake!"

"I'm smiling on the outside but
hungry on the inside."

"Ok, what part of cake now don't you understand?"

"Um, I'm all outta patience here. Cake please."

Finally! I was just about to whip out
the bubble machine. THEN you'd be sorry.

Bring on the presents!

Oh cool, a....bucket.

Woo hoo! An official Doodle Bops T-shirt.
Now I'm livin' large.

Great. A toothbrush. Is there such a thing as a birthday Scrooge?

"Just act like you like it. We'll return it for the
BB gun we wanted when they think we're sleeping."

"Maybe the duck can use this thing."

Ok, now this is better. New outfits!

Outside on the Veranda for Snacks

"I'm gonna smash that camera when he's sleeping."

I'm going to hide it next to the fat free ice cream.
He'll never find it there.

Daddy trying to get excited about shoes.

Catherine sleeping off the cake.
(Again, big file. Give it time.)

The Family Visits

In March and April we had a lot of fun with family. Gramma and Grampa Treanor
came for a few weeks and Grampa Mike, Nanna Tamara, Uncle Nick,
Auntie Jeannette and Cousin Cristina all came for a visit.

Grampa Mike, who the girls called Pea Paw, getting to know Catherine.

Cousin Cristina and Catherine

Auntie Jeannette and Charlotte

Just the girls watching TV.

Gramma Marilyn at the Park with the Girls

Grampa Charley and Catherine

Swing time!

Double the fun!

Back to the Veranda

One night, the San Diego Kelbaugh Contingency
 made some fantastic Mexican food.

Just us girls.

One day we went to a very popular hole in the wall BBQ place in
Austin called the Salt Lick. The pictures speak for the experience.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.......

BAM ! ! "THIS is what I came to Texas for!"

Uncle Nick's second helping.

Thankfully, desert was included.

"Daddy don't feel bad. We can come back tomorrow."

Can we stop at McDonald's on the way home?

This is where the serious discussions take place. The garage.

Son, pull my finger.

Miscellaneous Stuff

There was a lot of time between this update and last so,
there are a few miscellaneous pictures that we wanted to add.
One group is of the girls at their friends, also twins, birthday party.

Ok, like there's no one else here eating these
things so I can't let them go to waste.

"What's a girl gotta do to get a sippy cup full of milk around here?!?"

The End

This was a big update. We hope you enjoyed it.