September 30th Update

Lots going on at Case de Kelbaugh. Grandma Marilyn and Grandpa Charlie checked out
and left us fully trained and able.  We had a few visitors too, which is always nice.
The girls have started to sleep through the night, which is also  very nice for daddy.

Just us girls.

Great Aunt Winnie sent some beautiful hand made bunnies for the girls which they love.

Happy Catherine

Sleepy Catherine

Sleepy Daddy and Charlotte

The Girls

And again.

Long time family friend Marcia Stowell and Granny.

Grandpa, Grandma and the girls.

Auntie Gena

August 27th Update

The long awaited update has arrived with lots of cuteness.

It's Hop-a-long Charlotte on her trusty steed, Mommy.

With her trusty side-kick, Sleep-a-long Catherine.

Catherine and Charlotte


The girls were invited to their first birthday party but, the Pediatrician told us they couldn't
go due to their immune systems not being quite strong enough yet.  We dressed them
in their party dresses anyway and had a fun day. Catherine was really tired and a bit cranky,
 which may be a bit obvious.






This is what went on behind the scenes.

And more.....

Out of gas.

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